After the Glitter Fades

by Diane Marina

Siena Armetta. Film star, Hollywood icon, tabloid darling. To her fans and the media, she appears to be living a dream life. But things aren’t always as they seem. The price she pays to maintain her fame is to deny who she is. Siena’s number one rule in life—self-preservation at all costs. Admitting the truth could be a career killer. Enter Julia Westbrooke…Julia is soaring to new heights as a nationwide entertainment news anchor. Since coming out, she has been presented with countless opportunities—most recently, entry into a new circle of friends who are among the Hollywood elite—a circle in which Siena Armetta plays a starring role. Unwillingly thrown together, Siena and Julia fight their growing attraction. Will Siena risk it all for Hollywood’s most prominent media personality? Will Julia ignore everything she’s worked for and step quietly back into the closet? After the Glitter Fades is an irresistibly emotional roller coaster ride.



Genre Romance
Length 338 pages
Publication Date March 27, 2018
Publisher Aspen Palms Press
ISBN 9781980608387

Customer Reviews

1 review for After the Glitter Fades – Paperback

  1. Ameliah

    I loved this book because it was so charming and well done. It was sweet without being too sweet and had enough conflict to carry the story without being too far-fetched or too easy to resolve. The characters were believable and lovable. Siena is closeted and fears coming out while Julia is out and proud but willing to hide for a while, giving Siena the time she needs… the question is, is Julia worth the risk? The story line was well thought out, written and described, making for a very enjoyable read. There were plenty of emotional scenes and I was really pulling for them to make it. The ending could not have been more perfect. This was a fun and fast story that is now in my To Be Read Again pile.

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