My Starlight

by Loryn Stone

If only we could have met sooner…

Orly Kochav likes nerdy things. A huge fan of Japanese animation, cosplay, and playing the bass, she’s convinced she can use her natural charisma and swagger to get anything she wants.

Including beautiful girls.

But when her judgmental mother catches her kissing one of her girl-crushes and asks her a hideous question, Orly shuts down and goes into a state of emotional hiding. She grabs her nearest male friend, Spencer James, declares him her boyfriend, and lives in a quiet bubble.

That is, until her mom suddenly dies.

Now sixteen, Orly is itching to reclaim her prior life. And when her new friend, Serena Karl, informs her that a secret club dedicated to their favorite Japanese Anime, Lovely Starlight Fighter, is at their high school, Orly thinks she’ll be able to slip back into the world of fandom without issue. Until rising tension between the club president, Marcus Powell, and vice president, Danielle Cohen, threatens to tear the club apart. And a rising attraction to Danielle threatens to make Orly question every choice she’s about to make.



Genre Romance, Young Adult
Length 270 pages
Publication Date August 3, 2018
Publisher Affinity eBook Press
ISBN 9781988549583e
Editor Angela Koenig
Cover Designer Irish Dragon Designs

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