Colors of Rage

by Nanisi Barrett-D'Arnuk

In Northwest North America, it is the beginning of the election season for the twenty-third century. There are political rallies and speeches throughout, but also, an alarming rate of violent riots. Even more distressing is that none of the demonstrators remembered why they rioted.

Dr. Kailyn DeKendran, head of the Acoustic Research Department, and her sister Jayanta, are drawn into the fray, both trying to understand what is behind the riots. When Kailyn disappears, Jayanta, Kailyn’s wife Rhyannon, and her star student Caryl, band together to find the doctor, and unravel the cause of the riots.

Time is running out, and the riots are getting more violent. Will they find Kailyn before it is too late to put an end to the madness that has overtaken them?



Genre Mystery, Thriller
Length 262 pages
Publication Date September 1, 2018
Publisher Affinity eBook Press
ISBN 9781988549668e
Editor Angela Koenig
Cover Designer Irish Dragon Design

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