Remember Me

by Del Robertson

Sarah Lindley followed her brother into the untamed Wild West in search of adventure. She found it—in the form of a woman unlike any she’d ever met before.

Buckshot Bailey Bowen thought she had settled down as a ranch hand. That was until a chance encounter with a feisty, Irish redhead turned her world upside down.

Sarah and Bailey meet again in San Antonio in an old, crumbling mission. As the infamous thirteen-day siege rages about them, they fall hopelessly in love. Surrounded by enemy forces, their future looks uncertain. Will they—and their love—survive against such insurmountable odds?

The cry “Remember The Alamo” has long echoed throughout history. Now, the women that were at the Battle of The Alamo ask you to Remember Me.



Genre Romance, Historical
Length 160,756 words
Publication Date April 1, 2023
Publisher Affinity eBook Press
ISBN 9781991040176e
Editor Angela Koenig
Cover Designer Irish Dragon Designs

Customer Reviews

1 review for Remember Me – eBook

  1. Mccracken (verified owner)

    This was a detailed, interesting book. Del did a good job blending the true story of the Battle of the Alamo with a fictional story of two women who fall in love. The two main characters, Sarah and Bailey are well-developed and likeable. There are other interesting characters in the book, as well.
    The book covers how Sarah and Bailey meet, as well as the lead up to Battle of the Alamo and the aftermath. It is a longer, more detailed book than many lesbian books, but it allows the reader to better get to know the characters and the story.

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