Velvet in Venice

by Karin Kallmaker

The Coin of Love Series: Women looking for their perfect match get the inspiration they need at just the right time.

Artie Bryson came to Venice to finish her PhD. Five years later the PhD still isn’t done, but life is okay. Leading guided tours of the magnificent city pays the bills. The days are all the same—until she seeks respite from the summer swelter in the Casino di Venezia cabaret.

Nikki Velvet has finally found her musical niche singing Postcards from America in a solo tour across Europe. Her bluesy, jazzy, sultry voice brings Artie back the next night. And the next…

The two Americans find they have a lot in common, but Nicki’s gig in Venice ends in two short weeks. Not long enough for anything more than a bit of fun, right? One very old coin knows otherwise.

Welcome to Venice, a city like no other, where a touch of old magic can create a new future.

Coin of Love Series Book 1.



Genre Romance
Length 39,000 words
Publication Date November 9, 2022
Publisher Romance and Chocolate Ink
ISBN 9782875439901e
Editor Heather Flournoy
Cover Designer Stacy Lynn Miller and Karin Kallmaker

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