Future Leaders of Nowhere

by Emily O'Beirne

Finn’s solid. Not in body, but in being. She’s gravity and kindness and all those good things that anchor.

Willa’s confusing. Sometimes she’s this sweet, sensitive soul. Other times she’s like a flaming arrow you hope isn’t coming for you.

Finn and Willa have been picked as team leaders in the future leader camp game. The usually confident Finn doesn’t know what’s throwing her more, the fact she’s leading a team of highly unenthusiastic overachievers or coming up against fierce, competitive Willa. And Willa doesn’t know which is harder, leaving her responsibilities behind to pursue her goals or opening up to someone.

Soon they both realise that the hardest thing of all is balancing their clashing ideals with their unexpected connection. And finding a way to win, of course.



Genre Young Adult, New Adult
Length 253 pages
Publication Date March 1, 2017
Publisher Ylva Publishing
ISBN 9783955338213

Customer Reviews

1 review for Future Leaders of Nowhere – Paperback

  1. Bonnie S

    To be honest this is the first book I’ve read that was rated “Young Adult’. This won’t be the last. While the characters are high school age , attending a Leadership camp the story had no problem keeping me turning the page. The challenges placed upon our character are made even harder because of the lack of technology. You can’t help liking the main characters Finn and Willa which makes this a nice read for young and old alike. Looking forward to reading Emily’s next offering.

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