by Blythe Rippon

On the heels of their victory securing marriage equality for same-sex couples, Supreme Court Justice Victoria Willoughby and LGBTQ rights lawyer Genevieve Fornier were hoping for some quiet time to navigate their new relationship. Instead, a photo of them almost kissing shows up on a blog, and they’re thrust into the media spotlight again. When Genevieve’s case about same-sex parental rights gets appealed to the Supreme Court, their potential conflicts of interest have legal and personal ramifications, and one of them is going to be benched for the hearing.






Genre Romance
Length 322 pages
Publication Date April 1, 2017
Publisher Ylva Publishing
ISBN 9783955338350e

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1 review for Benched – eBook

  1. Bonnie S

    The follow up to “Barring Complications” Benched” takes up where B.C. ends. Good idea to read the first book in this series. This is a chance to connect with Supreme Court Judge Victoria (Tori) and Genevieve, a lawyer who stands up for LGBTQ rights. This book give us a peak to how the Court works or perhaps how we like to believe it should work. Simply put another good read by B R. Looking forward to the next in book in this series.

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