Party Wall

by Cheyenne Blue

From the moment Freya looks in the window of the brash, new sex shop in Grasstree Flat she knows it will be nothing but trouble. For a start, it will clash with her own new-age store next door. And she’s right. Outgoing newcomer Lily begins to intrude on Freya’s well-ordered life. Freya’s friends, lifestyle, and even her cat are all affected by Lily’s magic touch. Even Freya’s yoga classes rub shoulders with Lily’s sexual-expression workshops. Lily stands for everything Freya has lost in life—playfulness, spontaneity, delight in the physical, and sex. But does Lily have more in common with Freya than the wall that divides them?

The Window Shopping Collection Book 3.



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Genre Romance
Length 223 pages
Publication Date October 1, 2017
Publisher Ylva Publishing
ISBN 9783955338862

Customer Reviews

1 review for Party Wall – Paperback

  1. Ameliah

    I loved Lily. She is so determined and hopeful, she refuses to let Freya take her joy. As the story progresses Ms Blue does a great job showing how and why Freya is sometimes so aloof and closed off. I really enjoyed watching Freya grow as she questioned and re-evaluated herself and her life as she sought her own joy. The ending was wonderful, just as it should be. Thanks Ms Blue!

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