A Heist Story

by Ellen Simpson

Life gets weird for Marcey Daniels when art thief Charlie Mock dies and leaves her a curious and much sought-after book.

Suddenly a determined Interpol agent, Wei Topeté, is sniffing around. Everything’s gone sideways for the agent since Mock’s death – a man she’s been chasing for half her career.

Enter the mysterious, flirtatious, Kat Barber, a slow-moving accident who has been bargaining for her freedom with things that don’t belong to her. She expected she’d have the pick of the estate of her criminal mentor. Now Kat desperately needs that book and will do whatever it takes to pry it from Marcey’s hands.

Everyone has their own agenda in this intricate suspense thriller. Surrounded by a diverse cast of queer and lesbian women, and with with double-crosses piling up, will Marcey see the trap in time?






Genre Mystery, Romantic Suspense
Length 315 pages
Publication Date January 15, 2018
Publisher Ylva Publishing
ISBN 9783955339609e

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