Face It

by Georgette Kaplan

In college, Elizabeth Smile shared a magical tryst with her roommate, Michelle Harlow. She had no idea the night would leave Elizabeth pining after her for the next ten years. Now Michelle is back with a strange offer: Will she pretend to be Michelle’s lesbian lover to beat Michelle’s cheating husband?

Of course, it’s a terrible idea. And it would mean leaving the New York nightlife behind and spending Christmas with Michelle’s family in Ohio—an overly accepting father, a pill-popping brother, and a suspicious sister who seems to have her own agenda with Elizabeth. Worst of all, it’ll mean facing up to some old feelings she’d rather not revisit. But, really, she can handle all that. How hard can it be?

A twisty lesbian romance about getting more than we bargain for.

The Scissor Link Series Book 2.



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Genre Romance
Length 198 pages
Publication Date February 22, 2018
Publisher Ylva Publishing
ISBN 9783955339760

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