Lost for Words

by Andrea Bramhall

Sasha Adams has it all. Fulfilling career, loving family, great friends, and…Who’s she kidding? She lives at home with her aging mother, Fleur. She works as a massage therapist, and spends all her time with her best friend, Bobbi. But damn it, she’s happy. Well, okay, maybe not happy, but she’s content. It’s enough. Until the well-meaning but meddlesome women in her life, Fleur and Bobbi, team up and enter Sasha into a writing competition with the potential to change her life.

Film producer and director Jac Kensington has the career she’s spent thirty years honing to perfection, with little thought to her personal life. She helps run an annual scriptwriting competition in search of new talent and projects for her company to produce.

Meddling might have brought Jac and Sasha together, but fate has plans of its own. Sasha’s life is on the brink of changing beyond all recognition in this bittersweet lesbian romantic comedy.



Genre Romance
Length 300 pages
Publication Date August 1, 2018
Publisher Ylva Publishing
ISBN 9783963240645e

Customer Reviews

1 review for Lost for Words – eBook

  1. cheekybugger13

    If you want to experience a love story that transcends the traditional formula, an overall story that is utterly multi-layered, richly metaphorical, deeply resonating, emotionally relevant, a story that will make you chuckle, laugh out loud, go bonkers with the absurdity, cry your eyes out, but ultimately fulfill you with an incredibly beautiful journey about love and life, I HIGHLY recommend this book. “Lost For Words” is a MUST-READ experience.

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