The Santorini Setup

by Becky Bohan

Britt Evans’ working holiday on picturesque Santorini turns perilous when a Greek photographer plunges from the island’s steep cliffs. The death is ruled an accident, but the enigmatic Susan Marcello of the American Embassy suspects otherwise. She enlists Britt to discover the truth, but is it a setup that will take her life?

Into the mix sails Cassie Burkhardt, a windsurfing computer engineer at the archaeological site. She finds herself falling hard for the enchanting Professor Evans… and becomes, like Britt, caught in a treacherous game between Greek intelligence and a criminal enterprise.

A gripping suspense/romance blend set in the land of myths and ancient ruins.



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Genre Suspense, Romance
Length 262 pages
Publication Date January 21, 2022
Publisher NANBEC Books
ISBN 9798750126934

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