Amid Secrets

by Stacy Lynn Miller

Some secrets are meant to be told. Some never should.

The four years since William Castle’s death have been a roller coaster ride for Alex Castle and Tyler Falling. In the beginning, they soared as life partners and business owners. Then the worldwide economy crashed, and so did their idyllic life. Alex has spent every waking hour since to keep Castle Resorts afloat, letting her relationship with Tyler take a backseat.

Just when Alex and Tyler commit to getting back on track, decades-old dark secrets surrounding a scandalous affair, rape, abandonment, and confidential adoptions come to light. Someone in the Castle family’s past with a deep grudge holds the oldest secret of them all and intends on exacting revenge.

The tsunami of secrets converges and threatens to tear apart their families and tear down the businesses of every Castle child. No one close to Alex and Tyler is left untouched. Can Alex and Tyler pull each other through? Will their love be enough to keep everything they’d built from coming undone?

Book three in the Falling Castles Series.

Genre Thriller, Romance
Length 302 pages
Publication Date February 16, 2023
Publisher Bella Books
ISBN 9781642474329A
Editor Medora MacDougall
Cover Designer Heather Honeywell



"The first two Falling Castle books left many of my characters with deeply held secrets, some for sinister reasons and some for the sake of love. So, the third installment, Amid Secrets, was inevitable. Those skeletons, ranging from uncomfortable to life-shattering, had to come out. The tricky part was intertwining them and then revealing each in logical order."

—Stacy Lynn Miller


Betty H. - Amid Secrets, the third novel in the Falling Castles Series is definitely a tale filled with suspense, multiple dilemmas, and lots of twists and turns in the plot. Just about everyone we have met in the first two books of this series ends up in some sort of crisis or life changing event. In other words, this is another exceptional mystery, intrigue and romantic thriller by Stacy Lynn Miller.

Jo R. - Absolutely brilliant. The whole series has kept me engaged, and on my toes and hooked me in. Great storyline, fantastic characters throughout the book, gripping suspense storyline, cannot fault this author at all.

Kennedy O. - I have truly enjoyed this series mainly because of the focus on friendship and family. Alex and Tyler have encountered many personal and professional challenges that caused them to drop to their knees as well as shed many tears. Their ability to lean on each other as well as friends and family proved to lift them up and navigate a way out and forward. This series has been a guilty pleasure and keeps on giving. In this read, various family members deal with drama, uncertainty, loss and disappointment which in my opinion, provides for an entertaining read.

Deborah K. - There was so much packed into this novel. I really don't know where to begin. Let's just say that there are happy moments, new discoveries, and some heart wrenching moments. I feel like I've been put through the wringer! But of course, this is primarily a romance, so we get our happy ending and it's a good one. So, buckle up and take the ride! —it's a fantastic, intriguing and emotional one. I definitely recommend this book and the two that came before it. I do suggest that you read them in order to get the best understanding of the whole series.

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