The Candidate

by Tracey Richardson

Presidential candidate Jane Kincaid—gorgeous, dynamic and extremely driven—is taking the country by storm, passionately outlining her blueprint for America. Voters quickly fall in love with her…and so, unwittingly, does Secret Service Agent Alexandria Warner.

Their mutual attraction begins to take on a fiery life of its own, and soon Jane fears that their intense feelings for each other are a tinder box that could destroy the landscape of her career and alter the history of the country.

Jane had always expected the road to the White House would exact a high personal toll. She just never knew how high, until she’s forced to choose between her heart and her political destiny.

Genre Romance
Length 256 pages
Publication Date December 15, 2008
Publisher Bella Books
ISBN 9781594931338A
Editor Cindy Cresap
Cover Designer LA Callaghan


  • Yes, there will be a sequel! Look for The Campaign in 2012!
  • Runaway best seller and a reader favorite.


Kissed by Venus
May, 2011: Strong, independent women... A romance novel that delivers. Sexy and romantic. You'll spend a few hours dreaming and smiling and imagining what could be.

Curve Magazine
Reviewed by Kathi Isserman - September, 2008: The romance in The Candidate is intense, captivating and, at times, heartbreaking. Jane Kincaid doesn't believe she can run for president and have a lesbian lover too. The notion is challenged, raising very important questions about whether out and proud lesbians must sacrifice our personal lives for our careers, especially if we are in the public eye.

GCLS Goldie Awards
The Candidate: Finalist, Best Lesbian Tradtional/Contemporary Romance.

Lambda Book Report
Vol. 16, Issues 1 & 2 (Spring/Summer 2008), Page 17. Reviewed by Cecelia Martin of Oscar Wilde Bookshop: Tracey Richardson's new novel about a woman running for the presidency could not have come at a better time! A terrific storyline along with fun and lively characters make this politically charged book a great choice... Richardson does a wonderful job with both Jane and Alex and their growing feelings for each other while balancing the realities of running for higher office. Both characters are put in an extremely difficult situation and the reader feels great compassion for them. I had wished for a little more detail about the pressure each deals with in their professions, but that small gripe does not distract from this wonderful romance.

Capital Xtra
Lesbian presidential candidate sparks 'what if' romance - May 14, 2008: We've all heard the adage that timing is everything. Well, Tracey Richardson certainly has a great sense of timing. The Windsor native has seized the day with her new novel The Candidate, deliciously premised on an unlikely romance between a charismatic female presidential hopeful and her achingly butch bodyguard. It's a decidedly queer diversion from the real-life US presidential primary season that is so dominating the media.

Just About Write
Reviewed by R. Lynne - June 2008: Richardson has created two witty women who have a great deal of depth. She has explored their motivations and helped her readers to understand what drives them. The Candidate is a great read that runs quite close to our current headlines.

Reviewed by Anna Furtado - April 2008: Richardson has given us a fascinating look at a Presidential campaign and what it might be like if a charismatic, vibrant woman who was open to a relationship with another woman were to run for that office. It was especially interesting to read this work during the early Presidential primaries. The main characters in The Candidate are strong, compelling women and their story does not disappoint...

Reviewed by Lynne Pierce - March 2008: Tracey Richardson has written her story with considerable skill. The personalities of the characters are well defined in the beginning, but also are allowed to change as their relationship progresses and the women don't fall in love immediately, but grow into a realization of their feelings over an appropriate amount of time. The dilemma Jane faces is also handled very realistically. For someone who wants to be president, outing herself couldn't be more impossible. Readers shouldn't expect her to simply throw away her political dreams for an opportunity at "true love" and the way she handles her choices feels right. What makes the book particularly enjoyable is that the affair, though important, doesn't drive the plot as much as the situation in which Jane finds herself and the decision making process she goes through. The result is an interesting tale with some thought behind it. This book is worth reading...

Our Chart
Reviewed by Julia Watson - April 2008: Alex and Jane have undeniable chemistry, and this is the book's chief strength - you can't help but want these two to get it on. Lots...

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