Following Chance

by Baxter Brown

A whirlwind romance…and only the rest of their lives to get over it.

When Kate and Lauren meet in college it’s love at first sight. Unfortunately, the fact that school is almost over is the least of their problems. A roller coaster of emotions and uncertainty causes Kate to leave town, and a heartbroken Lauren, behind.

Fifteen years later, with her ten-year-old daughter in tow, Kate returns to Renfrew hoping to recapture some of the inner peace she found during her college days. She’s stunned when she discovers Lauren has purchased the local coffee shop and has her own ten-year-old surprise.

The two women attempt to avoid one another at all costs. But the incessant pull from the past—and the budding friendship between their daughters—has them on a collision course…to a second chance at love.

Genre Romance
Length 254 pages
Publication Date August 13, 2020
Publisher Bella Books
ISBN 9781642471625A
Editor Ann Roberts
Cover Designer Sandy Knowles



"You mean it’s not going to write itself?

I wrote my first novel, Cameron’s Rules, on a ludicrous writing bender of thirty days. Lightning in a bottle? Perhaps. A dash of madness? Definitely. I was full steam ahead and halfway through Following Chance when I realized I needed to slow down. I was determined to find a balance but in doing so, I fell headfirst into over a year of writer’s block. There were moments when I thought I wasn't going to finish it. There were moments when I didn't care if I did. But no matter how many times I tried to push it from my mind, the characters whispered, “We deserve an ending.” I forced myself to sit and write dialogue. If nothing else, I had to get their conversations onto paper. As I wrote their banter, the blank sheets started to fill up. There’s no set amount of time to write a novel. Everyone works at a different pace, but trust me, it’s not going to write itself. I'm thrilled to have finished my second novel and I hope you enjoy it."

—Baxter Brown


The Lesbian Review
The story is told in first person from Kate’s point of view and she’s a very reliable narrator. Being in her head puts the reader front and center for the emotional turmoil she’s been carrying around for fifteen years. The dialogue is sharp with a dose of sarcasm from both women showing how they’re struggling with the attraction they still feel for each other. Kate uses her sharp intellect and cutting barbs to protect her damaged heart. Brown structures the book so the narrative jumps back and forth between the current time and fifteen years in the past when Kate and Lauren were involved. This feeds the reader enough information to accompany Kate and Lauren’s tentative steps in establishing a new friendship.

So much angst! It was like a big, beautiful pool of regret, meaningful looks, and unsaid feelings I was able to do a graceful swan dive into. I really enjoyed Following Chance and Brown is definitely one of my “must read” authors.

T.Geist - I did something that I rarely do after finishing a book. I read this again right after! That is how much I loved this love story between Kate and Lauren. It automatically became one of my favorite books in this genre of all time. The structure of the story with the flashbacks from them in college to the present was so well done. The idea that you could meet your soul mate while with someone else and the tragedy that can cause was heartbreaking. The time it takes to forgive and open your heart back up was realistic. Their daughters together were adorable. I seriously could go on, but I think I got my point across.

Dianne K. - This book was impossible to put down. There was humor, heartache, lots of sarcasm, and hot chemistry—all the right ingredients for a romance novel. I quickly ran to get the author's previous work, and look forward to reading more from her.

Pin's Reviews - It is a very nicely done character-driven romance of second chances with believable and likable main characters as well as equally well-done secondary child characters. The plot is interesting and really holds one's interest all through. Once I started, I just could not put the book down. I sincerely recommend this book for all romance lovers (especially to those who love elevated levels of angst), and am looking forward to Baxter's next novel, hoping that she will continue writing stories like this one.

Michele R. - There are so many things to love about this book including the magnificent story, the skilled writing, the witty banter between Kate and Lauren not to mention their sizzling chemistry, and the sweet, innocent relationship between Jack and Abbie. The book had me laughing, crying, and so absorbed in the story that I'll likely be thinking about this one for many days after I've finished the book. Clearly 5 stars with high recommendations to other readers.

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