In the Name of the Father

by Gerri Hill

Dallas Homicide Detectives Tori Hunter and Samantha Kennedy investigate the murder of a Catholic priest who is found naked and strangled to death. A sex scandal threatens to erupt and cover-ups are soon revealed as their only suspect is found shot dead—mere hours after the murder.

Soon details of the murder begin to surface and the secret life of a well-loved priest is exposed. Lies and deceptions unfold as the detectives work to solve the case—even as their superiors demand it be closed.

Tori Hunter Series Book 2.

Genre Mystery
Length 230 pages
Publication Date October 15, 2007
Publisher Bella Books
Editor Christi Cassidy
Cover Designer LA Callaghan


  • Book 2 of the award-winning Tori Hunter Trilogy!
  • Patrick Doe...it begins here..


Lambda Literary Foundation
Partners: Finalist, Best Lesbian Mystery

GCLS Goldie Awards
Partners: Finalist, Best Lesbian Mystery

Just About Write
April 2008: What Hill does well is to keep the solution to the murders a puzzle until the end of the book, and there is a quirky twist to the end of the book that is rather nice.

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