The Killing Room

by Gerri Hill

Denver detective Jake McCoy is trying to recover—both physically and emotionally—from the shooting death of a young boy that also left her injured. She soon finds herself rehabbing at her cabin in the mountains, soaking in the remote natural springs—which is exactly where Psychologist Nicole Westbrook vacations and soon stumbles across her…

When Nicole leaves the next day, the two women know little more about the other than her first name—yet they are now lovers instead of strangers.

When Jake returns to Denver, a serial murder investigation soon leads her to Nicole. As the investigation develops, their physical attraction threatens to compromise the case. Nicole finds herself struggling to remain in the professional closet that she’s been hiding in for so long—a place where an out cop like Jake McCoy simply does not belong.

Once the crimes are solved, will the women go their separate ways? Or will the physical attraction and the gentle tug of love prove that opposites do attract…

Genre Romance, Mystery
Length 384 pages
Publication Date February 15, 2006
Publisher Bella Books
ISBN 9781594930508A
Editor Anna Chinappi


The Lesbian Review
Audio Book Review - Abby Craden does a marvelous job of narrating this one. There are a number of side characters who are male. Craden kept them clear without forcing the gravelly male voice that can become typical of female narrators. I enjoyed how she brought the characters to life and it was always clear who was speaking or thinking. Hill is a master at creating a memorable, high-stakes cop story and Craden perfectly narrated every beat of this one.

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