Painted Moon

by Karin Kallmaker

Cursing the familial obligation that sent her into the path of a blizzard, Jackie Frakes is deeply grateful for rescue on a snow-choked mountain road, even if her rescuer’s reception is as cold as the landscape.

Leah Beck spends her days in a twilight of grief, actively avoiding all reminders of her former life as an artist whose work was exhibited nationwide. A houseguest for Thanksgiving is disruptive and painful, and the very last thing she wanted.

The snowbound weekend leaves them with an unforgettable, undeniable attraction that challenges both of their personal and professional commitments. Leah turns to her art with renewed inspiration while Jackie seizes control of her future. But will these new paths lead back to each other? Or will that stunning weekend together be their last?

One of Karin Kallmaker’s most enduring, popular novels, this Painted Moon 25th Anniversary Edition features a new foreword by the author and additional next chapters for Jackie and Leah with a previously unpublished story.

Genre Romance
Length 230 pages
Publication Date October 17, 2019
Publisher Bella Books
ISBN 9781642471304A
Editor Christine Cassidy
Cover Designer LJ Hill



"One woman hides from living since the death of her girlfriend. The other wonders exactly how and when she lost control of her life. Now they have to spend Thanksgiving trapped together in the middle of a blizzard. And there you have the frame of a classic story—it even starts on a dark and stormy night.

When I wrote Painted Moon I began with two women who had closed their hearts to possibilities, but for very different reasons. Love alone won’t fix their lives, so I muddled through possibilities myself. What could happen that would open their hearts again? Could they ever see a different future, and how could family—of blood and of choice—help or hinder?

It was just a wee bit scary to look again at a story I’d written so long ago. In the foreword I talk about the biggest surprise of all during the process. Whether the story is new or already familiar, I hope every reader finds the novel and short stories warm and intimate, like well-loved denim or a holiday meal with the people you love. And maybe it will open a few hearts to possibilities."

—Karin Kallmaker


Lesbian Review of Books
Painted Moon is a classic that could very well become the next Curious Wine.

Midwest Book Review
Painted Moon has what this reader considers classic Kallmaker elements with interesting characters, wry wit and steamy love scenes. (Some of the images of Jackie and Leah have lingered in my mind for years.) If you missed this title the first time around, or if you are new to Kallmaker's novels, pick up a copy of Painted Moon and bask its glow.

Lambda Book Report
A classic Kallmaker romance—as steamy as readers like it to be.

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