The Secret Pond

by Gerri Hill

Grieving over the loss of her family and feeling like her life is unraveling, Lindsey McDermott quits her job, gets a puppy, and retreats to her grandparents’ home in the Texas Hill Country. She spends her solitary days walking childhood trails and reminiscing, trying to reconcile the conflict within her as she struggles with survivor’s guilt.

After the death of her husband, Hannah Larson needs a change. At the suggestion of her mother-in-law—and against her better judgment—she and her son Jack move to tiny Utopia and into her husband’s grandmother’s house.

When Jack and Lindsey form an unlikely friendship, Hannah reluctantly joins them and the three spend the summer swimming and healing as laughter eventually replaces tears. After Jack goes back to school, Hannah assumes their summer fun is over. Instead, Lindsey continues to come around and now—as they find themselves alone—Hannah realizes just how close they’ve become. Soon, she finds herself struggling with her feelings as their friendship threatens to shift into something much deeper…something she fears she won’t be able to fight. Something she fears she won’t want to fight.

A story of grief and healing…a story of love.

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Genre Romance
Length 316 pages
Publication Date November 15, 2017
Publisher Bella Books
Editor Medora MacDougall
Cover Designer Judith Fellows


GCLS Goldie Awards
The Secret Pond — Finalist, Contemporary Romance: Long Novels.


The Lesbian Review: The Secret Pond Audio Review
I absolutely adore Gerri Hill’s graphic descriptions of the landscape and environs. These breathtaking descriptions have captured the beauty of the secluded pond and the charm of the small town of Utopia, Texas. Abby Craden did a beautiful job of expressing the joy, grief and delight that filled the book. Both main women characters were well represented with voices unique enough that it was easy to keep track of who was who and she did a lovely job with Jack. He is a wonderful kid. If you enjoy slow burning romances with picturesque views, coupled with a cute puppy or two, then this is definitely a story for you.

Lesbian Reading Room
Gerri Hill has an amazing ability to tell a deep and emotional story in an unpretentious way. She uses everyday life, triggers memories that will resonate with many, and, with the lightest of brushstrokes, takes us to a pace where things seem stripped down and simple without ever being simplistic. The emotions in this book are heartfelt and intense, yet not overpowering despite the seriousness of the subject and particularly Lindsey’s overwhelming loss.

I thoroughly enjoyed this, it tugged on my heartstrings from beginning to end, first hoping Lindsey would emerge from her grief and later hoping Hannah would let them come together. Despite the seriousness of the premise there is little angst, just a gentle flow of change as life moves forward. A tale of friendship and love extremely well done.

Pin’s Reviews - One sad boy, two sad women, two puppies, a river and a secret pond. That is what it took for Gerri Hill to write a perfectly beautiful and heartwarming story. The characters, the plot, the emotions (especially the emotions!), the ending... everything is just perfect. If you are looking for a touching and tender story of loss, grief, love and family—this is your book. Highly recommended for everyone!

Lex Kent’s Reviews - This is a story of overcoming great loss, friendship, family, and potential love. This is a slow-burn romance that has no angst. If you are looking for a romance with no angst, just a story about people becoming a family, give this book a try. When Hill writes a traditional romance, this is the type of quality you come to expect from her. I can’t wait to see what she writes about next.

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