Side Order of Love

by Tracey Richardson

Every week millions of viewers tune in to watch Grace Wellwood transform basic ingredients into delicious cuisine. Her latest cookbook is flying off bookstore shelves and her trendy Boston restaurant is booked months in advance. She knows how to cook up success, but overlooks the basic ingredients to transform her private life into anything delicious—or even remotely satisfying.

Grace is deeply annoyed when a long overdue vacation is interrupted by catering a women’s pro golf tournament. Torrie Cannon, the Tour’s young hotshot, takes one look at the famous chef and embarks on her usual plan of seduction—hot tonight, gone tomorrow.

Torrie’s bewitching charms are undeniably enticing. In spite of the sizzle between them, however, Grace is done with fast food relationships. What Grace wants is the one thing that has never been a specialty on Torrie’s menu: love.

The glamorous worlds of haute cuisine and professional golf collide as Tracey Richardson explores the trust and sacrifice required before two women can choose more than a side order of love.

Genre Romance
Length 250 pages
Publication Date February 15, 2009
Publisher Bella Books
ISBN 9781594931437A
Editor Cindy Cresap
Cover Designer Stephanie Solomon-Lopez


  • Love women's golf? This is for you.
  • Love cooking shows? This is for you too!
  • By the author of The Candidate.


Rainbow Awards of Excellence
Side Order of Love - First Place (tie), Contemporary Romance, Rainbow Chapter of Romance Writers of America

Golden Crown Literary Society
Side Order of Love - Finalist, Best Lesbian Contemporary/Traditional Romance.

Just About Write
Anna Furtado - April, 2009: Tracey Richardson has given us an enticing love story by pairing some unlikely characters. These are couched in a story that gives us insights into life in two fascinating celebrity worlds while entertaining us with a tale of two personalities to whom we can all relate. The characters have depth and make us want them to succeed. Side Order of Love is a recipe for a tasty read!

Lynne Pierce - October, 2010: This book has more than one conflict that holds the reader's interest. There is the tension between Grace and her lover, Grace and Torrie, and between two secondary characters who play significant roles... Side Order of Love, like Richardson's other books, delivers a story that is entertaining and engaging.

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