The Feeding eStory

by Karen Williams

Chile knows something’s off about Lena even though she can’t quite put her paw on what it is. Maggie, her human, usually trusts Chile’s judgment but she’s so smitten with Lena that she won’t listen! How can she keep Maggie’s attention long enough to warn her?



Genre Short Story Single, Speculative
Length 15,500 words
Publication Date October 15, 2016
Publisher Bella Books
ISBN ss094e
Cover Designer Judith Fellows

Customer Reviews

1 review for Feeding, The – Single eStory

  1. Kelly from Montevallo

    “The Feeding” is an engaging story that draws the reader in through a developing romantic relationship between two of the main characters (the third being a smart dog whose thoughts the reader wonderfully has access), but an underlying growing unease becomes fully manifest and the story takes a dark twist and picks up speed. Williams’ writes with an attention to detail and, for a short story, packs a lot in — romance, humor, a little sublime terror – and resolves it to satisfaction.

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