Trim My Tree eStory

by RJ Layer

Maggie dreaded the thought of the upcoming holidays and the party she was supposed to be hosting. Talked into it by her bff Carla, Maggie pulls herself and the party together. Now all she has to do is get through it. Then at the party she meets Jo, Carla’s college buddy.  Suddenly the holidays are looking up…



Genre Romance, Short Story Single
Length 6,600 words
Publication Date December 15, 2016
Publisher Bella Books
ISBN ss098e

Customer Reviews

2 reviews for Trim My Tree – Single eStory

  1. u097265 (verified owner)

    Although a short story, Trim My Tree had a nice slow build. The story revolves around Maggie hosting the annual trim a tree party at her house. One year ago Maggie’s partner cheated on her and she is single after many years. Maggie’s friend, Carla, invites one of her employees, Jo, to the party. Jo is originally from the area and has returned to work as a master carpenter for Carla. The attraction between Maggie and Jo is immediate with looks and touches exchanged during the party. The rest of the short story describes their first date. I’d actually like to see this short story continue into something a little longer as we get to know Maggie and Jo more.

  2. lmg5961 (verified owner)

    What a sweet story. I only wish we could read more in the blossoming relationship between Maggie & Jo.

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