Two Knights Tango

by Tagan Shepard

I’ll see you in Chicago.

Those words echoed in Marisol Soltero’s mind as she sprinted across Bogota. Back in Chicago, she waited outside Governor Sabrina Sloane’s luxury condo, needing to see the woman she loved return to safety. But Sabrina didn’t return. Not to Chicago and not to Marisol.

That was six months ago. Now a series of disappearances in Humboldt Park provide the distraction Marisol needs. Her people are going missing. Snatched off the street right under her nose. Clues are sparse, but Marisol’s gut tells her the culprit is her old enemy.

Governor Sabrina Sloane has become a shadow of herself. She haunts the halls of the Governor’s Mansion, both her work and personal life flooded with nightmares. She knows Marisol is in danger, perhaps even more now that she’s back in Chicago, and Sloane will do anything it takes to keep the woman she loves safe. Even if it means confronting the man at the center of her nightmares.

But when two chess pieces are directed at the same enemy, they can get in each other’s way. If Marisol and Sabrina get the moves right, they could tango back into each other’s arms. If not, all of Chicago could pay the price.

Sequel to Queen of Humboldt.

Genre Romantic Thriller
Length 238 pages
Publication Date February 17, 2022
Publisher Bella Books
ISBN 9781642473377A
Editor Cath Walker
Cover Designer Kayla Mancuso



"There’s nothing so rewarding these days than spending time with old friends. Catching up on what you’ve missed. Reacquainting yourself with their history and the little things that make you miss them when they’re away.

Two Knights Tango has given me a chance to meet up with two of my favorite characters to write—Marisol Soltero and Governor Sabrina Sloane. Last time we saw them, their paths were diverging after an intense experience. They’d both found their way to safety, but there were tough times ahead. Marisol was waiting on the saddle of her motorcycle, watching an empty apartment, desperate to see the woman she loved home safe. Sloane had made an unexpected acquaintance—one who knew more than he should and told her Marisol was still in danger. But they’d made a promise to each other.

I’ll see you in Chicago.

Even in the best of times, people have a way of breaking promises. Sometimes life gets in the way. Sometimes circumstances aren’t what they seem. And six months after winning their freedom in Bogota, Sloane and Marisol haven’t kept this promise.


Revisiting Marisol and Sloane has been a joy for me. They are the bravest, most cunning women I’ve ever written. Neither of them are damsels in distress. They aren’t pawns. They’re knights. They fight because they were born to. They fight because they have no choice.

But when two chess pieces are directed at the same enemy, they can get in each other’s way. This second dance for Marisol and Sloane might just be more treacherous than the first."
—Tagan Shepard


Della B. - Two Knights Tango is a delicious sequel to Queen of Humboldt. The story builds slowly yet the pressure and angst sits heavy from page one. The reader knows where the story is heading however who will remain standing by the last page is the great unknown. I could not read fast enough to find out.

Betty H. - Two Knights Tango is just as much an action and adventure tale as the first book. There is danger, excitement, violence, and romance woven together into a thrilling story of intrigue.

Azalea M. - This book has romance, action, politics, and second chances. Both women are strong players in the fight against their enemy, but both struggle to recognize that they’d work better together. I loved the two knights metaphor for Sabrina and Marisol that Dominque presented!

Anne M. - Marisol Soltero is a brilliant character and I’m so glad that Ms Shepard has brought her back for another book.

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