Dreams Found

by Lyn Denison

Riley embarks on a journey to meet her birth mother…and gains not just a family, but the love of her life.

When Australian Riley journeys to Brisbane to meet Maggie, her birth mother, she isn’t prepared for the tumultuous upheaval that her news will cause her world and the worlds of so many others.

While Maggie is thrilled to be reunited with the daughter she had lost many years before, she wants to wait until the time is right before telling her family about the child she gave up so long ago. Although Maggie assures Riley that everyone will accept her, Riley is uncertain how Maggie’s family will react.  Not wanting to rock the boat of a family she is only beginning to know, Riley willingly keeps their secret until Maggie can find the right time to come clean about her relationship to Riley.

Then Jayne enters Riley’s life and upsets the balance of their world even more. As their friendship builds into something more, the complications surrounding Riley’s presence become increasingly difficult to hide.

Can Riley convince Jayne of her true feelings and intentions without giving away the secret that she and Maggie share?



Genre Romance
Publisher Bella Books

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