Dreaming Under a Ton of Lizards

by Marian Michener

All too many mornings-after, Olivia wakes “dreaming under a ton of lizards.” One relationship after another disintegrates as she repeatedly chooses her favorite, “the seductive woman in green”—booze. Leaving Malcolm and his own preference for alcohol, trying Alison who doesn’t drink, moving on to Brooke who does drink, going it alone one the rain swept winter coastline of Oregon—none of this prevents Olivia from dancing cheek-to-cheek with Sister Wine. Breaking up with that beloved companion becomes Olivia’s most difficult life choice, demanding enormous courage and consciousness on her part. In crisp, elegant prose, Michener carries her readers through each baby step Olivia must take to move toward sobriety, health, and ultimately, self-love.



Genre Lesbian Fiction
ISBN 9781883523343

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