by Cass Dalglish

Nin is a mystical, mythical, magical fable set in the high-tech, modern-day world of air travel, telephones, computers, and the World Wide Web. Nin Creed is a feminist poet embarking upon a quixotic journey to recover the lost writings of her late mother, a scholar and linguist, who died the day she was born. Traveling from Minnesota to Israel in search of her mother’s life and work, Nin finds herself accompanied upon her pilgrimage by a few of the legions of women writers who lived and wrote centuries ago and whose work, too, was lost to future generations of writers and readers. As Nin combs the ancient city of Haifa in search of her mother’s scholarly legacy, two medieval intellectuals, Christine de Pizan and Marguerite de Porete, tell their stories, discuss their writings, and even use the modern miracle that is the Internet to debate the nature of woman with Socrates, Plato, and Aristotle. Nin Creed’s quest becomes more than just a search for her late mother’s lost writings: it evolved into a voyage of discovery into the enduring power of the written word in linking women to one another across the years, the centuries, even millennia.



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