by Jane Rule

In the Outlander stories, Jane Rule evokes a startling variety of lesbian lives with the sure-handed artistry that readers have come to expect from her work. In the essays following, she analyzes lesbian and gay concerns with a tough independence of mind that makes the true "outlander." – Harriet Desmoines and Catherine Nicholson, Co-founders of Sinister Wisdom

These stories constitute together a powerful investigation into the many varieties of love between and among women. Jane Rule looks with a seasoned eye at the passions and peccadilloes of lesbians, in twos, threes and more. The combinations shift like patterns in a kaleidoscope, enlarging and deepening our understanding of what is possible among women.

The essays reveal the author’s broad intelligence and balanced good sense on a number of subjects, some of them surprising.

Thanks to her for a rich collection, written (as she herself has described her relationship to her characters) with "tenderness, severity and humor." – Sandy Boucher



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