Out of Sight

by Claire McNab

How far would you go to save yourself—and the country you love?

A vicious terrorist group is operating deep within the wild reaches of Australia’s remote Kimberley region. Though the government is aware of their presence, the group’s cat-and-mouse tactics and absolute secrecy has made it impossible to stop. The only way to destroy this powerful threat to national security is from the inside. And no one’s better under cover than hotshot Intelligence Agent Denise Cleever.

Using every ruse she knows, Denise infiltrates the terrorist training camp—knowing full well that if she is found out, her ruthless “comrades” will torture her to death. But when she is ordered to kill someone as a final test of her loyalty, she faces the most difficult choice of her career: Take an innocent life—or lose her own.

Internationally acclaimed writer Claire McNab is the author of the phenomenally successful Carol Ashton mysteries: Lessons in Murder, Fatal Reunion, Death Down Under, Cop Out, Dead Certain, Body Guard, Double Bluff, Inner Circle, Chain Letter, Past Due, Set Up, Under Suspicion and Death Club. Included in her Denise Cleever series are Murder Undercover and Death Understood.



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Genre Mystery
Editor Lila Empson

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