7th Heaven

by Kate Calloway

The savage attack on a close friend propels Oregon Private Eye Cassidy James through a menacing maze of intrigue and betrayal.

At first glance, the brutal beating of P.I. Cassidy James’ buddy Tommy Green looks like a botched mugging. But the clues soon lead Cassidy to something infinitely more sinister. Some people very close to her are playing games with human lives… diabolical games that are about to turn deadly.

With Tommy in a coma, the only one who can help Cassidy crack this dangerous case is the lone witness – her devastatingly beautiful and deliciously seductive ex-lover, Erica Trinidad. Cassidy knows from experience that the only way to keep her head is to stay far away from Erica’s bed. Some things, of course, are easier said than done…

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Genre Mystery
Publisher Bella Books
ISBN 9781562802622

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