Snake Eye

by Pat Welch

Helen remembered the day she closed her office for the last time, carting the final fragments of her career out of the building and into oblivion. She could remember how Alison hugged her later that night, held her close and even cried for her, mourning Helen’s loss. She could even remember how she’d lain awake all night in Alison’s arms, staring at the ceiling. What Helen couldn’t remember was actually feeling anything. Not anger, not remorse, not fear – nothing…

With their relationship on shaky ground, Helen and Alison leave for a weekend at a popular casino with Helen’s favorite Aunt and Uncle. They’re hoping that the rhythm of the slot machines and the rumbling of the roulette wheel will help the shell-shocked private eye forget the raw mental and physical wounds that have made her question everything she believes in. But a cold-blooded killer is betting that Helen can be lured back into the game… With the stakes this high, the next roll of the dice could mean the difference between life and death…

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Genre Mystery

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