Sophie Horowitz Story

by Sarah Schulman

Radical feminist leaders Germaine Covington and Laura Wolfe have surfaced after years in hiding to rob a bank, and Germaine has been captured – but where is she? And where is Laura Wolfe? Sophie Horowitz, sometimes intrepid reporter for the Feminist News, seeks answers, meeting in her travels Melanie Chang, leader of the ambisexual rock’n’roll band the Dogmatics; the mysterious and unsavory Seymour Epstein; Vivian Beck, who wears serving spoon earrings and tempts our heroine toward indiscretion; Mrs. Noseworthy, mystery writer par excellence; and many other denizens of lower eastside New York. Soon after Sophie finds herself up to her Jewish earlobes in murder and intrigue. But still, is there any doubt that Sophie will eventually triumph over all? Yes, you bet there is….



Genre Mystery

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