Sapphire Books Publishing

Eating Life - eBook
Eating Life

Beth Burnett
Dragon Witch Tales, The - eBook
The Dragon Witch Tales

Shannon M. Harris
French Way, The - eBook
The French Way

Mary Wright
Details in the Design, The - eBook
The Details in the Design

Shannon M. Harris
1049 Club - eBook
1049 Club

Kim Pritekel
Admirer, The - eBook
The Admirer

Karelia Stetz-Waters
After Shadow - eBook
After Shadow

Kim Pritekel
Along Came the Rain - eBook
Along Came the Rain

Alison R. Solomon
Andy's Song - eBook
Andy's Song

Beth Burnett
Becoming Me - eBook
Becoming Me

Shelia Powell
Best Lesbian Erotica - eBook
Best Lesbian Erotica

Rachel Windsor
Beyond the Garden - eBook
Beyond the Garden

S.Y. Thompson
Blinded - eBook

Kim Pritekel
Connection - eBook

Kim Pritekel
Deep Merge - eBook
Deep Merge

Linda North
Deep Water - eBook
Deep Water

Betsey Odell
Editing Life - eBook
Editing Life

Sandy Dugger
Finding Fire - eBook
Finding Fire

Shelia Powell & Liz McMullen
Finding Home - eBook
Finding Home

Liz McMullen and Shelia Powell
Flaw in Logic, The - eBook
The Flaw in Logic

S.Y. Thompson
Future Promises - eBook
Future Promises

Sandy Dugger
Good Water - eBook
Good Water

Kayt Peck
Heat - eBook

Rachel Windsor
I.V. Poems - eBook
I.V. Poems

Lucy J. Madison
In and Out of Love - eBook
In and Out of Love

Shelley Thrasher
Lavender Dreams - eBook
Lavender Dreams

Diana Sue Wellspring
Man Enough - Paperback
Man Enough

Beth Burnett
Missing Mary - eBook
Missing Mary

Cricket Watson
Over There - eBook
Over There

Rachel Windsor
Our Stories Continue Volume 1 - eBook
Our Stories Continue Volume 1

Elizabeth Hodge (ed)
Personal Foul - eBook
Personal Foul

Lucy J. Madison
Purveyor, The - eBook
The Purveyor

Karelia Stetz-Waters
Prairie Fire - eBook
Prairie Fire

Kayt Peck
Rainbow Inn - eBook
Rainbow Inn

J. Summers
Scarlet Masquerade - eBook
Scarlet Masquerade

Isabella writing as Jett Abbott
Shadow Box - eBook
Shadow Box

Kim Pritekel
Sharpshooter - eBook

Leslie Murray
Traffic Stop - eBook
Traffic Stop

Tara Wentz
Undone - eBook

Liz Hodge
Unspoken - eBook

Liz McMullen
Wild - eBook
Wild (Sapphire Books)

Kim Pritekel & Alex Ross
When Butches Cry - eBook
When Butches Cry

Genta Sebastian
Wind and Dreams - eBook
Wind and Dreams

Linda North
Zero Ward - eBook
Zero Ward

Kim Pritekel

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