“Superb writing”, “Swept Away”, “Great Meet Cute” the reviews of #BellaBooks are in and they sure have us giddy!

Reviews of Bella Books

Reviews of Bella Books are in—what can we say? Reviewers love our books! From our romances to mysteries, to adventures our books are making reviewers so happy we can’t help but say “Stop you are making us blush” But don’t take our word for it, read on to hear directly from them…

Some of our latest reviews

Gerri Hill‘s latest romantic thriller Timber Falls is getting some early raves. Queer A. Reviews over at Goodreads says: “Gerri Hill is a writer I get excited about when I hear a new release is coming. As soon as I received a copy of Timber Falls, it was bumped to the top of my TBR list, and I devoured it in a matter of hours…Hill uses her words to describe the picturesque surroundings so vividly and succinctly, the characters communicate with each other which prevents so much unnecessary angst, and the plot is fresh and exciting. Karen Cobb at Netgalley says: “Gerri Hill is the only lesfic writer I can think of who can write absolutely any genre, and consistently produce top-quality work. Romance, mystery, paranormal … Timber Falls is no exception.” Della Baczyk gives it at 5 out of 5 over at Netgalley and gushes: “Hill’s writing is superb as she brings you quickly into the story and holds your attention until the end. I would say this is a typical Hill novel but only if you understand ‘typical’ to mean an outstanding story, intriguing characters, beautiful settings and unparalleled writing.”

Kat Jackson‘s newest romance Golden Hour is getting some early buzz. Alice Glass over at Netgalley says: “I was swept away by the effortless dialogue, the funny repartee, and the scenery depicted throughout each chapter. I was beyond grateful that this was not love at first sight. Instead, it’s love through trial and tribulation.” Michele R also at Netgalley says: “Kat Jackson is quickly becoming a favorite author who excels at character development and developing a solid backstory for her characters.” Henrietta Bookgeek at Netgalley gives it a 5 out of 5 and says: “The Golden Hour surprised and impressed me by its depth and gritty narration…An excellent and compelling read.” Librarian Orlando Javelin at Netgalley says: “Kat Jackson genuinely is one of the most talented authors out there right now.” Finally Karen Cobb also at Netgalley says: “I absolutely lucked into reading Kat Jackson‘s debut novel, Begin Again, a couple of years ago, and since then she has become one of my favorite authors. Among her now four books, there is not one cookie-cutter or standard trope used, and I have to say it’s really refreshing”

Over the Moon with You, Jaime Clevenger‘s latest romance keeps getting raves. Becky Harmon over at Rainbow Connections says: “This novel has just about everything I could ask for in a WLW romance. In this adorable love story we have two beautiful main characters as well as a secondary group of folks that includes some spicy elderly ladies. These characters are so well-developed, you almost expect them to step out of the book and begin a conversation with you. The small town/rural setting is also well-described. The love story will melt your heart, and the lovable animals (Did I mention the baby cows?) will finish the heart-melting. This really is a beautiful character-driven romance, but I expect nothing less from Jaime Clevenger.” Carol Coleman at Netgalley gives it a 5 out of 5 and says: “If you are looking for a great meet/cute story this one is for you. I have loved Ms. Clevenger’s books so I had not doubt this one would be right up there with the others…and I was not wrong.”

Mailboat by Cade Haddock Strong continues to get great reviews. Betty Harmon over at Rainbow Connection says: “This is an easy to read, beautiful romance that I really enjoyed. It would make a great summer vacation novel. You should try it.”

Can I Trust Her? Frances Lucas YA mystery continues to get raves. Heather Douglass at Netgalley says: “Perfectly paced, written, executed. Characters are well crafted with a background that’s layered. This story was impossible to put down.” Robyn Devine at Netgalley says: “I love the representation of a wide variety of teens in this novel, and felt like I was being shown both what it’s like to be white in Alaska, as well as the discrimination Native kids face in school and in their everday lives. I’m grateful that this novel is an “own voices” novel in a variety of ways – the author is queer, lives in Alaska, and can speak to a variety of the issues she shares in this book.” While Elizabeth Watts at Netgalley gave it a 5 out of 5 and says: “I’m not generally one for mysteries or thrillers, but this book captivated me. There were so many elements in the plot to keep you guessing. I loved the side characters, Matty, Yoon-hi, Lilly, Tally and the girls’ families. They made the story feel whole.”

Weight of her World a debut by Amanda Owens stuns with Jo Reece at Netgalley says: “Only 3 books have ever made me cry, and this is one of them. So have a box of tissues ready.
Weight of her world is beautifully written, and written with sensitivity. It’s a family drama, it’s full of emotion, angst, and tragedy but also you have a sense of love too.”

Beyond the Blue a debut romance by TJ O’Shea continues to collect raves. Cheri Fuller over at Netgalley gives it a 5 out of 5 and gushes: “Oh how I loved this book. So much…This was my first exposure to TJ O’Shea but I totally dug her writing style and voice. Really, really. I tend to keep my expectations pretty low when reading a new author (whether a debut book or just a new to me author) but there’s no need for that with Ms. O’Shea. As soon as her next book comes out, I’m there for it.”

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