wlw fiction

Writing a WLW novel in 53 days of quarantine

WLW fiction author Kat Jackson discusses her writing process during quarantine and how she wrote her new novel Across the Hall. We all went through it: the abrupt shift in our daily lives in March 2020. Some shifts were gentle while others were seismic; some brought unearthly, unpredictable pain while others were shrouded in confusion. […]

lesfic novel On the Rocks

Blending lesfic and cocktails for On the Rocks

Lesfic and cocktails come together in Riley Scott’s new novel On the Rocks. Here the author tells us why that came to be. As a panster, I typically take about a month or two to write an initial manuscript. Once an idea forms–and keeps me up for nights on end before I decide to write […]

Table for Two novel

A dream inspired my new lesfic novel Table for Two

Table for Two is a new lesfic novel inspired by a dream the author had. Here Kate Gavin tells us more about how she comes up with her ideas. Ideas…they’re a funny and fickle thing. Some might come to me fully formed and I can’t help but sit down and write. While others might be […]


Leading myself home through my lesfic shared universe

Lesfic author Shannon O’Brien discusses the inspiration for her shared universe–and why imaginary worlds free of homophobia matter in her new novel Lead Me Home. Strictly speaking, Lead Me Home isn’t a sequel. It’s situated in what I like to call the “Jones University Extended Universe” along with my first lesfic novel Sing Me Home. […]


Astrology and the art of complex characters in my novel Closeness

Astrology is a key part of lesfic author Y.L. Wigman’s writing process, including in the new novel Closeness. I’ve been studying astrology since my teens, and I know how handy it is for understanding people. Astrology is like another language that describes personality, patterns and behaviours. The horoscope is a map of the heavens at […]


Breaking Out and queer stories beyond coming out: Is it too soon for a better day?

Breaking Out author Lise MacTague discusses the importance of queer stories that go beyond coming out and grappling with homophobia. This morning, like many mornings, I got out of bed, brushed my teeth, made breakfast, then headed up the stairs to work. I did all of these things while queer. I did none of these […]