T.L. Hart

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In a world of too many specialists, I decided early on to be a generalist—a Jill of all Trades. Blessed or cursed with a keen sense of curiosity, I prefer learning the messy “how and why” rather than sticking to the perfect, pragmatic “follow the rules” path. I love cooking so much I put an “eat my way through Europe” step on my bucket list. I can roof a house, change a tire, and transform my clients into the goddesses of their choice with my magic haircutting shears. I can make soap, write a book, and have raised two great sons with a fair degree of skill. I will leave brain surgery and quantum physics to the narrowly focused, normal folk while I keep an eye out for aliens and unicorns among the tumbleweeds of Texas. It should surprise no one that I have a purple dragon tattoo perched on my shoulder. Publishing credits include one of the first erotic romances for Harlequin Temptation.

GCLS Goldie Awards
Walk-in, Winner, Mystery/Thriller.

Lambda Literary Awards
Walk-in, Finalist, Lesbian Mystery.