Sheryl Wright

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  • Cause and Affection by Sheryl Wright $9.99
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  • Don't Let Go by Sheryl Wright $9.99
  • Happily Ever After $9.99
  • Illusion Lake by Sheryl Wright $9.99
  • Queen of Hearts by Sheryl Wright $9.99
  • Stay with Me by Sheryl Wright $9.99

If life experience is the fuel of good storytelling, then Sheryl Wright has stored up enough energy to power a small town for years. Online her profile reads Author, Pilot, Engineer. She would call it her hook, provided to help you decide if you need to know more. And there is so much more to know.

“Throughout the long days and nights of our life, its not the time we put in that defines us, but the moments we remember.”-Sheryl Wright

Since her writing career began, Sheryl has turned out several award-winning reads including her Indigenous women warrior inspired trilogy, Contrary Warriors. With her most recent book, Illusion Lake she returns to her love of intrigue and women protagonists who kick ass all wrapped up in the Happy Ever After story. Besides writing, she keeps Honeybee’s, writes code, and is currently building an autonomous robot from urban scrap.

GCLS Goldie Awards

Illusion Lake, Finalist, Romantic Blend.