In Name Only

by JM Dragon

Can an agreement forged out of necessity actually work?

When Elise Ridge agreed to an In Name Only pact with her wife, Jill, after the birth of their daughter Tegan, thinking she could handle the situation. But, living with Jill without the benefit of a loving relationship turns out to be much more difficult to handle than she bargained for.

When Megan Dutton, a lover from Elise’s past turns up, she questions the sanity of her decision. She decides to move forward rather than remain in a relationship that by its very nature stifles the love she once had for Jill.

Jill struggles with her conscience over her deteriorating relationship with Elise and wants desperately to make things right. She can feel Elise drifting away from her but pride causes her to remain silent.

Will two people who allow others to influence their lives ever find a way back to the love they once had? In Name Only the sequel to The Fix it Girl has the answers.



Genre Romance
Length 365 pages
Publication Date February 1, 2013
Publisher Affinity eBook Press
ISBN 9780992246181e
Editor Nat Burns
Cover Designer Helen Hayes

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