The Long Weekend

by Clare Lydon

Four couples, a ninth wheel, and a ton of wine. What could go wrong?

Nine friends rent a house by the sea for a long weekend. College sweethearts Vic and Stevie are on the rocks while Tash and Laura hope to put their life with kids on hold. Kat and Abby are as explosive as ever, and Geri just wants to reboot her defunct love life.

An endless supply of wine helps laughter to erupt, but tensions can’t help but flare as well. Can all four couples make it out intact when the fun and drama never stops?

The Long Weekend is a complex, captivating lesbian novel set on the picturesque English seaside. If you like wry British humour, simmering tension, and charming adult misadventures, then you’ll love Clare Lydon’s can’t-miss drama.

Buy The Long Weekend to take some time on the beach today!



Genre Lesbian General Fiction
Publication Date November 1, 2014
Publisher Custard Books
ISBN 9780993321245e
Cover Designer Kevin Pruitt

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  1. GRitz

    Great book

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