Starless Nights

by Rae D. Magdon & Michelle Magly

In this sequel to Dark Horizons, Taylor and Maia did not know where they would go when they fled Earth. They simply trusted Akton to take them somewhere safe. Leaving behind a wake of chaos and disorder, Coalition soldier Rachel is left to deal with the backlash of Taylor’s actions, and soon finds herself chasing after the runaways. Rachel quickly learns the final frontier is not a forgiving place for humans, but her chances for survival are better out there than back on Earth. Meanwhile, Taylor and Maia find themselves living off the generosity of rebel leader Sorra, an ikthian living a double life for the sake of the rebellion. With Maia’s research in hand, Sorra believes they can deliver a fatal blow against the Dominion.

Book 2 of Dark Horizons.





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Genre Fantasy
Length 226 pages
Publication Date September 1, 2015
Publisher Desert Palm Press
ISBN 9781310317736e
Editor Kellie Doherty
Cover Designer Rachel George

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