Trout Recipe

by Ellen Carey

Gwen Buxton lived in the Colorado Territory on a ranch left to her by an adoring father, remote and smack dab in the middle of an era where women favoring women was simply out of the question…

The first time Gwen cast her eyes upon Claire Fontaine, a Boston debutante, her heart raced as if being pulled into the current of a fast moving river. While igniting a visceral flame each time they traveled by railroad to intriguing destinations, they uncovered an enchanting world beyond the B & H Ranch, but would always come back to their homestead at the base of the Rocky Mountains.

Twisting and turning like the dusty trails that led from town to town, these two extraordinary women collected passion drenched memories at every corner. This tender and compelling love story is told by Gwen as she looks back fondly at their life together. Through hardship and joy, indifference and devotion, and love and loss, this captivating account of their journey through life is spell binding.

Trout Recipe is brilliant and surprising. At the hand of this talented new writer, the story speaks of unbridled love and vivid memories. This novel is laced with calamity and humor that builds from a grieving heart and finds hope at the river’s edge.



Genre Romance
ISBN 9781450067256e

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