Midnight Rain

by Peggy J. Herring

On a dark October night in the San Antonio College parking lot, Bridget McBee is confronted by a stranger. Out of nowhere, a car pulls to a screeching halt and the man threatening Bridget finds himself staring into the barrel of a gun—from the hands of a woman towering over them. Within moments, the woman with the gun has subdued the man. After dropping a business card in Bridget’s lap, the mysterious woman disappears as quickly as she had arrived. Days later, Bridget is determined to find the woman who saved her life. Too bad there are only three words printed on that card—certainly not enough information to identify her hero…



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Genre Romance
Length 264 pages
Publication Date August 15, 2005
Publisher Bella Books
ISBN 9781594930218
Editor Anna Chinappi
Cover Designer Sandy Knowles

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