Wild Nights

by Therese Szymanski (ed)

Inside these pages you’ll find (mostly) true stories from some of your favorite authors—including Karin Kallmaker, Radclyffe, Victoria Brownworth, Rachel Kramer Bussel and many more—as well as thrilling true tales from vibrant and powerful new voices.

Stories include a very special five-year anniversary, celebrated out in the open, in the city…a first-time ever experience a mile up in the sky…a first lap dance that turns into ever-so-much more…one neighbor giving another a helping hand, for just one night—or maybe more…a very different sort of erotic tale, told in an entirely different sort of way…a hot drive-in experience between two traveling strangers…a Tuesday night tryst that breaks all the rules…an eagerly anticipated elevator ride…and just your plain-old heart-stopping, one-night stand…

Karin Kallmaker — Radclyffe — Victoria Brownworth
Joy Parks — Becky Arbogast — Tanya Turner
Nell Stark — Therese Szymanski — Kristina Wright
Amie Evans — Lynn Ames — Kate Sweeney
Jean Byrnell — Bliss — Aunt Fanny — Saundra W. Haaggerty
Heidi Edwards — Marie Alexander — Teresa Wymore
Rae Kimball — Rachel Kramer Bussel — Brigit Futrelle — Anne Bonney

Originally published by Bella Books 2006



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Genre Erotica, Anthology
Length 252
Publication Date February 15, 2007
Publisher Bella Books
ISBN 9781594930690
Editor Therese Szymanski
Cover Designer Stephanie Solomon-Lopez


  • Therese Szymanski is also mystery writer. Check out titles like When the Dancing Stops and It's All Smoke and Mirrors.
  • Other erotica anthologies by Therese Szymanski have been finalists for both Lammy and Goldie awards.
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GCLS Goldie Awards

Wild Nights - Finalist, Lesbian Erotica

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