Open Water

by Pol Robinson

Dismissed as washed up due to injury, Cass Flynn has just found out she’s been elevated from alternate to competitor for the Double Scull US Rowing Team on its way to China. With only a few weeks until the event debuts with the whole world watching, she is itching to prove she can still row at world-class speeds. It’s her last chance—at 32 she can’t afford to wait another four years.

Aloof 28-year-old Stroke-of-the-Eights rower Laura Kelley doubts her last minute teammate’s suitability as much as anyone, but has little time to dwell on it. Her own inconsistency since the suicide of her ex’s younger sister has not gone unnoticed, and her ex’s appearance at training camp literally rocks the boat.

Driven by their own hearts to compete at speeds thought impossible only years earlier, Cass and Laura plunge into training with one goal in mind: gold. Fate has other plans, and medals aren’t the only things at risk.

Pol Robinson’s debut romance novel dives into the ultimate competition with a riveting story of world-class athletes and the passions that drive them.





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Genre Romance
Length 226
Publication Date November 15, 2011
Publisher Bella Books
ISBN 9781594932298e
Editor Katherine V. Forrest
Cover Designer Linda Callaghan


GCLS Goldie Awards
Open Water — Winner, Debut Novel.

Alice B. Readers Appreciation Committee
Open Water: Lavender Certificate for Debut Fiction.


Just About Write
October, 2011: Open Water is a well-told tale of the triumph of human emotion in the face of adversity. In addition, it's an excellent love story told against a backdrop of Olympian proportions. This first offering from new author Pol Robinson could be a gold medal winner. - Anna Furtado

October, 2011: Robinson has done her homework in giving descriptions of the boats and the technique it takes to bring them across the finish line. She also does a great job describing the scenes at Olympic village and the lives of the athletes. Open Water is an exciting read with just enough intrigue. It's also a good love story, told with humor and warmth. - R Lynne

Piercing Fiction
Open Water flows off of the pages. The story passes smoothly and quickly, almost emulating the strokes of the rowers' oars. The personality of each character contributes to the atmosphere of the book as well as the setting in Beijing. It's also a very clean book with no mistakes or misprints in it. That makes the reading even easier. If this is an example of what can be expected from Pol Robinson in the future, then readers have some good books to look forward to..

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