Captive Heart

by Frankie J. Jones

Money can’t buy happiness…but it can sure rent a lot of it. And with her rich daddy paying the rent, twenty-eight-year-old CJ Riley lives in a world of fast cars, willing women and zero responsibility.

Attractive, arrogant, charming when-she-wants-to-be, CJ is used to getting what she wants, when she wants it…until she is pulled over for speeding by San Antonio Police Officer Lois Franklin. Intense and by-the-book, the tall, tanned cop is not impressed by CJ’s wealth or her advances. Never one to resist a challenge, CJ sets out to add Lois to her conquests unaware that a shocking chain of events is about to unfold. Events that will forever change her life and her heart.

Originally published in 1999 by The Naiad Press.





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Genre Romance
Length 126 pages
Publication Date August 15, 1999
Publisher Bella Books
ISBN 9781594933004e
Editor Lila Empson
Cover Designer Sandy Knowles



Lambda Book Report

Ruth Burke, January, 2000: When you read Captive Heart, you will become acquainted with a thoroughly unlikable protagonist -- C.J. Riley, the only child of Carleton Riley. Mr. Riley is a wealthy executive in the produce business, and he has given his daughter everything, including an attitude...[when she becomes] a heroine to people other than herself...officer Franklin admires her quick thinking and quick reflexes. Though, we shall have to wait and see if she admires her for any other reason.

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