Sleeping Dogs Lie

by E.J. Cochrane

Matilda Smithwick (Maddie to her friends) is the proud owner of Little Guys Pet Care, a small but steadily growing dog walking company on Chicago’s North Side. Maddie loves her job and her life. Sure—she doesn’t have a girlfriend. But her best friend Dottie and her grandmother, Granny Doyle, are far more bothered about her lack of a girlfriend than Maddie is. As long as she has her rescued mutt Bart to keep her company, Maddie is perfectly happy.

That is until she returns from a walk to find one of her clients lying in a pool of his own blood. From there she finds herself thrown into a murder investigation filled with cantankerous purebred dog owners, her client’s bitter ex-wife, harassing phone calls and a police detective with no patience for Matilda’s helpful input. Throw in a lengthy hospital stay for Granny Doyle, a growing attraction for a possible murderer, and a depressed and ill-trained foster dog who refuses to eat, and Maddie’s easy, happy life seems to have fallen completely apart.

Fortunately she has Granny Doyle and Dottie to help her figure out how to save her business and her home…and to help keep her out of jail.

Matilda Smithwick Mystery Series Book One.





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Genre Mystery
Length 208 pages
Publication Date May 15, 2016
Publisher Bella Books
ISBN 9781594935077e
Editor Shelly Rafferty
Cover Designer Sandy Knowles


  • A Bella Debut Novel.
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Lambda Literary Review
Cochrane has given us an endearing, though somewhat self-deprecating sleuth in Maddie Smithwick. She's also given us a comical and often annoying sidekick in the form of best friend Dottie. In spite of herself, Dottie is an endearing character, especially because she's loyal to Maddie. These two are definitely a mismatched pair, yet their relationship works. Sleeping Dogs Lie is an entertaining read. Parenthetical remarks throughout the story make us feel as if we are privy to little secrets about Maddie, her friends, and the subject of her probing. This offering by E.J. Cochrane is a good first effort. If this story is the introduction of a series with the loveable yet insecure Mathilda Smithwick, it promises to be a delightful one.

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