A Chance in Time

by Naomi Lance

We all have to live with the past, but Jaime Ander just discovered she doesn’t have to.

By the time Jaime realizes childhood friend Audrey Walker was the love of her life, it’s too late—fate had already snatched Audrey away. Jaime is certain that if she had only realized it sooner, their lives would have been so different.

Consumed by regret for all the lost years, one night Jaime drowns her sorrows. But Jaime doesn’t just get black-out drunk—she wakes up eight years in the past.

Eighteen years old again and Audrey’s college roommate, all she has do now is convince Audrey that they’re destined for each other. And figure out a way to stop Audrey from dying in the future…and maybe change a few other things along the way.

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Genre Romance
Length 202 pages
Publication Date April 12, 2018
Publisher Bella Books
ISBN 9781594935930
Editor Ann Roberts
Cover Designer Judith Fellows



"I've always had a mild obsession with time travel ever since I saw The Terminator for the first time. But I noticed that time travel stories tend to focus more on the scientific side of things and I thought it would be interesting to explore the more spiritual side of time travel."

—Naomi Lance

  • A Bella Debut Novel.</li


Lex’s Reveiws - It seems most time traveling books are either action-romances or heavy, darker books. I like that this one broke the mold a bit and was mostly a sweet, feel good book. I did have to grab a tissue in the beginning. That actually was surprising, since I had only known the characters for a few chapters, but it was enough to affect me. But really the rest of the book left me entertained and happy.

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