Listen to Your Heart

by Becky Harmon

Attorney Jemini Rivers never planned to return to her childhood home in Riverview, the town that bears her family name. Being called back to deal with the house and property left to her after the death of her grandmother brings all the feelings of hurt and betrayal she had spent years pushing aside. She stopped caring about the people and the town long before she even became an adult.

Deputy Steph Williams grew up in Riverview and has given her heart and soul to the people and the town. She wouldn’t choose to live anywhere else. She also gave up on the hope that Jemini would return many, many years ago…or did she?



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Genre Romance
Length 206 pages
Publication Date April 12, 2018
Publisher Bella Books
ISBN 9781594935947
Editor Medora MacDougall
Cover Designer Judith Fellows



"I really enjoyed writing Listen to Your Heart. It gave me the chance to expand on previous characters and bring new ones to life. I've always enjoyed reading books that have overlapping characters and I hope others do as well. From the first moment I wrote Deputy Steph Williams into New Additions, I could see the story of her life—and the love of her life, attorney Jemini Rivers. Of all the characters I've ever created, Jemini spoke to me the most. I could see her as clearly as if she was the woman living next door. I hope the story of Steph and Jemini is as vivid and enjoyable for you as it is for me."

—Becky Harmon


Lambda Literary Review
Listen to Your Heart is filled with the off-again, never really on-again, allure of the two main characters’ romance. Jemini is convinced she must return to her fulfilling career and unrewarding personal life because she feels Riverview holds nothing for her but unpleasant memories of rejection by her beloved grandmother. Stephanie’s job as deputy sheriff makes for an interesting subplot as she pursues a peeping tom. Harmon’s story has enough mischief and intrigue to keep readers interested. This tale of romance—with a little mystery thrown in for good measure—is an attention-grabbing read that will entertain readers to the end.

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