I'm Gonna Make You Love Me

by Tracey Richardson

Claire Melbourne is a steely newspaper editor who’s just lost the biggest scoop of her career, thanks to her naïve intern’s mistake. Firing the young Ellie Kirkland for the offense was a no-brainer.

But when fate brings the two women together again, Claire finds herself questioning everything she thought she was—especially her cynical, take-no-prisoners approach to life. When she’s not breaking stories or breaking in reporters, Claire’s one outlet is to lose herself in Motown music and in the seat of a cheerful antique Mustang. But lose herself to the much younger, far-too-nice Ellie? There’s no breaking news there. Nope. That’s a story that needs to be spiked before it ever sees print.

Ellie Kirkland is at loose ends—and not for the first time. Resistant to following the path her parents insist on, she’s been trying out careers like she’s trying on outfits at Banana Republic. Now that her dream of being a journalist is over, Ellie must begin again. And the woman who crushed that very dream is the very woman who just might hold the key to Ellie’s future.





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Genre Romance
Length 260 pages
Publication Date December 13, 2018
Publisher Bella Books
ISBN 9781594936142e
Editor Medora MacDougall
Cover Designer Sandy Knowles


GCLS Goldie Awards
I’m Gonna Make You Love Me — Finalist, Contemporary Romance: Mid-Length Novels.


"Ah, yes, Motown Music. One of the most recognized musical styles of the last sixty years. The staccato drumbeats, the incredible harmonies, the precision choreography. Songs about love, loss, even war. Girl groups, boy groups, solo acts. Motown had it all.

I’ve loved Motown since I was a small child. Why? Because it made you feel good, it made you want to dance and sing along with it, forget your troubles and have fun. And most of all? Because it was all happening a stone’s throw from where I grew up, across the Detroit River in Detroit, Michigan. Motown belonged to me. Its iconic record label even featured a map that cut right through my hometown, not far from the city of Windsor, Ontario.

I pay homage to Motown Music in my new novel, I’m Gonna Make You Love Me. Although it’s set in contemporary times, I wanted to travel back to my hometown, back to that iconic music that was on everyone’s playlist (okay, transistor radio dial!) in the 1960s and 1970s. Motown Music provides the backdrop to I’m Gonna Make You Love Me, and is almost a character in itself. Ellie Kirkland loves it, Claire Melbourne not so much. But Motown Music brings these two characters together, and I can’t think of a better Cupid!

While I was writing I’m Gonna Make You Love Me, the sounds of The Supremes, The Temptations, The Four Tops, Marvin Gaye, Stevie Wonder and countless other Motown acts filled my office space. I’d love to hear what Motown acts and songs have inspired you. And if you have any of those songs on your playlist, I’d love for you to fire it up while you read I’m Gonna Make You Love Me."

—Tracey Richardson


The Lesbian Review
Claire and Ellie might just be my favourite couple that Tracey Richardson’s written so far. There are some great side characters between Claire’s best friend Jackson, and Ellie’s roommate and cousin Marissa, plus her family. They help us get to know the leads better and are integral to both of the women’s character arcs. Richardson’s writing is easy to sink into and this book was no exception. The romance has a nice burn to it that’s slow, but not too slow, and I marveled at how natural Claire and Ellie’s journey from former boss/employee to happily ever after was. If you’re a fan of contemporary romances, especially those with age gaps or opposites attract pairings, I recommend picking up I’m Gonna Make You Love Me. I thoroughly enjoyed it and will be reading this one again (especially if a spinoff happens!).

Les Reveur
What a fun story with lots of fantastic music to read along to. One of my favourite tropes is age-gap romance and this did not disappoint; I really enjoyed this unraveling of the romance. The pace was perfect and I hadn’t realized I had read so long until I had finished the book in one sitting. It was easy to like both characters and the chemistry for both Ellie and Claire was there from the moment Claire returns Ellie’s pup home. This story had happily ever after written all over it from that moment on.

LezReview Books
Both main characters have mother complex, low self-esteem and insecurity issues that make them well-rounded and interesting. The author slowly builds their relationship from their initial antagonism to a sizzling chemistry. Their intimate scenes are well written and Claire’s body image issues makes them even more realistic. It’s good to see a lesbian couple that is not idealised in the plot; Ellie’s mothers are as flawed as they come. The story is gripping to read not only regarding the characters’ personal struggles, but also thanks to the secondary plot that gives a glimpse into the world of investigative reporting, the role of the media and journalism ethic dilemmas.

Lynn Lawler’s Book Blog
It is a heartfelt story. What is cool is the protagonists really get to know each other before they hit the sheets. They go on nice dates that are special for both of them. The author paints a great picture of the Detroit skyline on one of their dates. The way she describes a kiss got me going. Be prepared, though, the romance scenes blew smoke out of my ears from all the fire. It is quite the ride. There are many conflicts with the secondary characters that also kept me glued. They are well put together and offered great loving support for the main characters. I love how there are dogs in the story and how they had a prominent role in the plot.

It is a heartfelt story. The descriptions are excellent and the reader feels like they are in the places mentioned in the book. The reader also gets to look into their heads and learn about their dreams and wishes. This is a great touch.

Customer Reviews

2 reviews for I’m Gonna Make You Love Me – eBook

  1. hector361955

    This book will make you Happy!

    Just when I thought I’d burned out on lez romance, I read the best feel good book I’ve read in along time. Five big stars to “I’m Gonna Make You Love Me” by Tracey Richardson. I love our Canadian neighbors and this author.

    Across the river from Detroit, the imposing city editor of a local Canada newspaper, Claire Melbourne (42yrs), fires a beautiful intern, Ellie Kirkland (26yrs), for loosing an exclusive, a scoop, on a crooked local government official. Meat and potatoes to a city paper. The story begins here.

    The romance in this book is warm and beautiful. The heartbeat of this book is a 1965 apple red, convertible Ford Mustang and the iconic music of 60’s Motown (playlist found in the back of the book). The characters are all well done, Ellie is a delight. There is sexual tension in spades and the intimate scenes are delicious, a lot of great kissing description building the tension.

    I didn’t need the playlist, I’m a lifelong Motown fan and have all that music on my IPad. I played it all night while I read this book. I smiled the whole time. Don’t miss this book. It’s a Golden Crown finalist for 2019.

  2. lyle (verified owner)

    A very fun and heartwarming story. Love how the author wrote the building feelings between the two women and have to say the author did such an amazing job with the unique and colorful personalities of all the characters, really brought them to life.

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