Shadows of Something Real

by Sophia Kell Hagin

In some ways, Marine Lieutenant Jamie Gwynmorgan has it pretty good. The motherly kindness of Lynn Hillinger, the senator she saved during the war that nearly killed them both, never wavers. Plus she has a great place to stay while she’s on convalescent leave—and a steady supply of the best lemonade on earth.

But flashbacks and nightmares shadow her as she tries to decide: Attempt a return to active duty, or…what?

Jamie doubts she can ever achieve the peaceful life she dreams of—until she meets smart, idealistic Adele Sabellius. As their relationship deepens, almost anything seems possible.

Soon, however, Jamie learns that something more menacing than nightmares and flashbacks has begun to twist the restless shadows around her. Though she may never understand why Adele loves her, Jamie will do whatever it takes to keep Adele safe when relentless enemies emerge from those darkening shadows to threaten yet another war.





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Genre Thriller, Romance
Length 312 pages
Publication Date July 1, 2013
Publisher Bold Strokes Books
ISBN 9781602829282e
Editor Cindy Cresap
Cover Designer Sheri

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