Seer and the Shield

by D. Jackson Leigh

When the Natural Order’s focus shifts from evangelism to a grab for world dominance, the outcome of the Dragon Horse War depends on two unlikely heroines—an anti-social quartermaster and a reticent seer.

Lt. Antonia only trusts a neat row of figures or a complete inventory list. So when she suddenly finds herself responsible for a group of hostages kidnapped by the dangerous cult, she’s reluctant to give any credence to the visions of Maya, a beautiful seer. The two women struggle to trust in each other’s abilities, but still are inexplicably drawn together by an attraction that burns hotter than dragon breath.

Book Three of the Dragon Horse War Series.






Genre Fantasy, Romance
Length 92,500 words/264 pages
Publication Date January 18, 2018
Publisher Bold Strokes Books
ISBN 9781626393943
Editor Shelley Thrasher
Cover Designer Sheri

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